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1(800) Lockout Works with some of the best locksmiths in the business.

In an effort to attract other locksmiths to join our network, instead of paying a franchise fee or charging for a service area, we implemented an open enrollment for one year on a pay-by-performance basis.

One of our goals at 1(800) LOCKOUT is to not only provide the best locksmiths, but also some of the best people that our customers can rely on. This is why we prefer to work with locksmiths who have history and ties to their community as well as new, professionally trained locksmiths. Our goal is to match our customers with a local locksmith in a reasonable response time, a locksmith with the skills to address whatever the job may be.

We work with reputable and reliable locksmiths who would like to regain some ground they have lost to the scammers, as well as help bring recognition to our trade and assist with domestic violence victims in their communities. This is why we prefer to work with Locksmith who have history and ties to the community's they service.

Our goal is to provide you with more jobs, residential, auto commercial & retail some good advice, and shared information, to help retain and grow your company and our network, while improving our trade as a whole. The best advertising has always been word of mouth and a great reputation! This is one of the best opportunities to join our network! In an effort to attract other professional locksmiths to our network, who meet our requirements, we are implementing an open enrollment for the first year they are with us.

Instead of paying a franchise fee or charging for a service area, area code or zip code that other companies have traditionally charged to be part of their organization, we will work on a “pay-by-performance basis” to ensure it will a profitable and beneficial relationship for all.


Advantages for Customers

Because we only work with top-notch locksmiths that meet our rigid requirements, you will have the peace of mind knowing that you will receive the absolute best service at any and all locations from the most reputable and reliable locksmiths in the nation.

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