1(800) LOCKOUT is your Full-Service Automotive Locksmith

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Are you locked out of your car, truck, RV, or any other vehicle? Did you lose your car keys? 1(800) LOCKOUT provides emergency vehicle locksmith services in Ohio, Florida, and California. Emergency lockout services are available 24/7 and 365 days a year and all our automotive locksmith work carries a 90-day guarantee.

1(800) Lockout

Vehicle Locks include

Vehicle Locks include

Vehicle locks we work on include but not limited too:

  • 120589


  • 12465


  • 32799

    Classic Cars

  • 2872


  • 10270

    Golf Carts

  • 34764

    New Automobiles

  • 6412

    Bicycle Locks

  • 109801

    Exotic Sports Cars

  • 82784


  • PeGZ8B0


  • 6052

    Semi Trucks

  • 71928


  • 19603

    Dump Trucks

  • 1812


  • 61210




  • 5056

    Heavy Equipment

  • ZOj5lej

    Travel Trailers

Immediate response services

Immediate response services
  • Open/Unlock Cars or Trucks
  • Motorcycles Keys
  • Exotic Car Keys Replaced
  • Keys for RVs and Locks
  • Laser Cut Keys
  • Replace Auto Locks
  • Keys and Locks for Boats
  • Replace Lost Remotes / Key Fobs
  • Keys locked in trunks of cars
  • Opening of Semi-Trucks
  • Keys for Airplane and Helicopter Compartments
  • Keys for Heavy Equipment Machinery
  • Keys for Compartments and Cabinets
  • Luggage Rack locks and keys
  • Keys for a trailer hitch lock's
1(800) Lockout

Most People Think...

Most People Think...

Most people think that if they lost their car keys, they have to get new keys from the dealership where they purchased their car, but that is not the case. With current laser cutting technology and transponder key programming capabilities, we can create keys for any type of vehicle, usually at a lower price than the manufacturers’.

If you become locked out of your vehicle, we are available to help anywhere, and at any time you need us. Certified, bonded, and insured, call us for a professional locksmith, lock repair, and key services in Ohio, Florida, and California. 1(800) Lockout (1 (800) 562-5688).

Replace Car Keys

Replace Car Keys

We laser cut and program car keys at your location, including transponder keys and keys with chips. Our qualified technicians will provide you with a new car key.

1(800) Lockout
1(800) Lockout

Broken Car Keys

Broken Car Keys

If your key is broken in the ignition, trunk or door, we can remove the broken piece, make you a new key, and replace the ignition or lock if needed.

Save Money by Calling us First!

Save Money by Calling us First!

If you become locked out of your vehicle, we are available to help you anywhere at any time you need us. We are bonded certified & insured call us first for a professional locksmith. Lock and key services in Florida, Ohio and California 1 (800) 562-5688 that's 1-800 Lockout.

1(800) Lockout